5 Things to know about online dating

There is no longer a stigma associated with finding a date online. Thanks in large part to the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and of course online dating websites. Although online dating can be an excellent method of meeting new people with similar interests, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind to ensure your safety and success.

1. Be Cautious With Personal Information

Sure, the person you’re talking to online may seem perfect, but do you really want them to know where you live? Be careful about providing identifying information such as your last name, place of employment, or phone number. Better safe than sorry!

2. Know What You Want

Avoid wasting time and hurting potential suitors’ feelings by figuring out what exactly you’re looking for before putting your profile online. If you have certain requirements or deal-breakers in a partner, don’t be afraid to mention them (although a little sugar-coating never hurts!).

3. Don’t Use Deceptive Pictures

By all means, put your best foot forward, but be careful not to downright misrepresent yourself. Sure, a perfect partner should care about you, not just your appearance, but it’s hard not to feel like you’ve been had when your date is fifty pounds heavier than he or she implied.

4. Watch Out For Red Flags

If somebody makes more than a passing reference to their ex, mother, or financial woes, consider yourself warned. Some people are simply better at expressing themselves via a written summary than others, so a few questionable sentences might not be grounds for rejection, but there are definitely key words and phrases to be wary of.

5. Meet in a Public Place

This should go without saying, but when you do take the plunge and meet somebody from an online in person, make sure you do so in a safe environment with other people present. Coffee shop dates are a really great way to break the ice without sacrificing safety. Always meet in a place you are comfortable but not one of your favorite hang outs. If by chance you’re not interested in them are you have less of a chance of running in to them.