How to write a good profile

Are you having problems writing a catchy profile while staying true to yourself? Would you like more replies to your ad? Here are some tips about how to create a good profile that’ll get those emails rolling in…

I simply cannot stress this enough: upload a photo! By far the most important thing about a profile is its photo. Although it is important to make it a good one, if the only one you can find is old and grainy then it is better than nothing. Profiles without photos receive about 10% as many responses as those that do have them.

Make it a good one! If you can, get a friend to take it. Take loads with a digital camera and pick the best two or three.

Think about what your best features are and concentrate on those. Perhaps you could get your hair done or dress as if you’re going out on a date – this will help to set the mood.

Take some time out to have a look at other people’s profiles, and decide which ones you like. What is it you like about them? Note down their plus points or their catchy titles; try to avoid things they have done badly.

Turn off your computer, grab a notepad and start writing. People often find it easier to write than type, so why not write your answers out and type them up later? You may find you write a better description without the pressure of a computer screen in front of you.

Be honest! This is very important – you will only attract the people you truly want to be attractive to if you are honest with them and yourself. If your profile describes somebody you are not, your prospective dates will be interested in that person, not you.

Think about how your friends would describe you in three words. Better still, ask them! Think about your best qualities and sell them.

Don’t just tell people about your qualities, show them. Don’t just say “I love music” – what kind of music do you like? Instead say “I love British hiphop – I went to see Roots Manuva last week”, or “There is nothing better than listening to Rachmaninov on a rainy day”.

One of the biggest turn-offs, according to some of our users, is bad grammar and incorrect spelling. Double and triple-check what you write, or the next person reading it will be a single person who liked the look of you.

So get out your notepad, be honest and be positive. Be specific about the things you like. But most of all – upload a picture!